Patent Prosecution Hub

As the global economy is becoming more innovation centric, today’s growth has become almost impossible without taking Intellectual Property (IP) into consideration. Eastern Asia, where the growth of IP sector is quite apparent, is moving in a direction to cement itself as the IP hub of the Asian region. Marina Acton, the co-founder the Patent Prosecution Hub (PPH) sensed the global economy trends and the importance of IP field in 2014 when she co-founded PPH in Eastern Asia for a wide range of IP related services. Marina Acton herself comes from a legal background as she has spent many years working in the IP field for prestigious US and International law firms and being a Law School graduate from George Washington University.

PPH’s mission is to make the patent prosecution a seamless and streamlined process, which results in the issuance of more powerful patents at a reduced cost and in a short time. PPH takes a leading role in the WeTHE IP Group that includes search companies, IP law firms, and tech companies. WeTHE IP aims at providing a full range of services from the pre-filing process to the post-allowance stage.

PPH helps clients formulate and implement effective IP development and protection strategies. PPH’s services include conducting patentability analyses, developing plans for building patent portfolios, preparing patent applications, and corresponding with offices of various jurisdictions around the world to protect the global patent rights. PPH brings to bear decades of experience drafting and prosecuting patents in the US, Japan and Korea. PPH’s unique ability to simultaneously prosecute patents in these countries empowers clients to advance to cost-effective “one-stop” services. With the in-depth familiarity with the patent laws of the mentioned countries, PPH offers its clients re-drafts of patent specifications and claims to conform to different laws of major jurisdictions, beyond a mere translation of the specifications and claims.

As a founding member of PPH, Marina Acton has helped to design IP solutions to its clients using the out-of-the-box approach, solving critical problems, making informed decisions, and garnering enduring results. PPH’s strength lies in providing innovative IP solutions performed by a specialized team of scientists, engineers, and patent engineers. With Marina Acton’s deep industry understanding, superior IP expertise, innovative processes, and state-of-the-art technology knowledge, she helps the patent owners, inventors, and licensees to discover the inherent value and revenue potential associated with their intellectual assets.

Marina and PPH always stay on top of the industry trends and hot topics. With the recent developments in the blockchain and cryptocurrency related fields, Marina has been in the middle of the race to patent the blockchain and cryptocurrencies codes and algorithms. PPH is working with many financial and tech firms with such vision and business model. The Financial services industry is making significant investments into the blockchain, a distributed ledger technology best known for enabling the digital currency Bitcoin. Realizing the economic potential of the blockchain technology could result in sharply lowered fund transfer times and costs while bolstering security. Recent patent applications by several financial services firms offer insight into how those firms think the blockchain technology could work, and the race to patent it could lead ultimately to the next big battle over technology standards and their ownership.

Marina Acton’s PPH is a well-established and fast-growing organization. PPH clientele includes Fortune 500 companies, law firms, patent licensing firms, patent brokers, small and mid-sized companies, multinational conglomerates, research institutions, financial firms, universities, venture capitalists, and private equity firms.