Marina Acton invests in Criptext

While there are talks that investment dollars for security startups are getting harder to find, entrepreneurs still manage to deliver a range of hardware, software and services that protect data, networks and corporate reputations. Marina Acton, the Founder of Marina Acton Charity Fund, Inc is committed towards investing in internet security and data privacy companies.

The IT sector in any country is grappling with how to protect sensitive data. The state of data privacy in any organization is worrisome and vulnerable. That makes even the smaller companies care about data privacy. However, it is not an easy task to resolve. Large national and international enterprises take measures to deal with the issue, write encrypted custom software, spend immense amounts of funds and, generally, still remain exposed to an extent. Large companies have more resources and often offer and enforce employee data privacy training in addition to working on the software solutions. When it comes to training employees on data privacy, 82% of the largest organizations teach the right way to handle personally identifiable data and other sensitive information. Similarly, only 71% of the businesses with 1,000-5,000 employees offer such training. This creates awareness and generates a big need for tools with simple interface which anyone can use to protect their own or their clients’ data.

Marina Acton and her fund continue to focus on data privacy and further securing communications online. This time, Marina’s goal is the email communication. There are close to 300 billion emails exchanged daily around the world! This creates a huge threat for consumers and a big opportunity for businesses with cyber security acumen. Marina aims at bringing security and control to email users worldwide by improving the infrastructure and enhancing the existing products. Marina Acton has invested and provided a grant to Criptext.

Criptext is an innovative technology company whose main goal is to bring control back to the email users. Criptext first came into the spotlight in 2015 when the Business Insider praised its UNSEND button. That feature allowed any Gmail user (so far, only Gmail) to literally take back the sent emails, even after they have been read by the receiving party. Over the last two years, Criptext has been establishing itself as a brand that brings privacy, security and a peace of mind to the email market and its consumers. The company and its founder have been victims of government snooping of private emails and an abuse by the omnipresent surveillance system. The personal story has strengthened the commitment to the effort to write a bulletproof software that can deliver high encryption. Marina Acton has brought fresh ideas and is orchestrating the complete repurposing of the Criptext framework. The company plans to expand into more security focused solutions. Continuing with this commitment in 2018, Criptext will be launching a groundbreaking secure email service that will again put its users in control. It will be unlike any other secure email app in the world as it will be using the Signal Protocol to encrypt all emails. By using this renown open source protocol, Criptext will ensure that only senders and the intended recipients have access to the information being communicated. This event will not only be a great milestone for innovation in the email domain, but also for the ongoing protection of privacy of online communications. Criptext will offer a secure, controlled email experience to its users and now with the investment from Marina Acton and a grant from Marina Acton Charity Fund, and Marina Acton on-board, this email startup is all set to continue with its commitment to email security.