How Criptext is changing the way you email with its powerful features

Its last quarter of 2017 and the world keeps going digital. More and more businesses are going online. According to in 2015, the number of emails sent and received per day was over 205 billion.  Nowadays, this number has expected to have crossed the 300 billion mark.  The email security is becoming a big concern as users seek protection from hackers and surveillance. Criptext, a New York based start-up is focused on protecting email confidentiality and giving its users full control of their emails even after they are sent. Criptext is changing the way consumers exchange emails. It makes it so simple and secure giving its users full control over their emails with their set of useful and powerful feature. Criptext actually lets its users unsent emails! Its beyond just adding powerful encryption to regular emails and attachments. Criptext lets users add expiration timers and track the sent email activity like you do in most messaging apps like Signal, WhatsApp, Messenger and iMessages. Users can also send encrypted emails to anyone, regardless of whether the recipient is using Criptext.
All of these powerful features coupled with secure encrypted inbox makes Criptext beyond just a email inbox security tool. Criptext is also available on iPhone and Android which makes it really convenient to secure their user's email inbox on mobile device.